Veronica Mars

I've asked on TWoP, but I don't really have a presence there anymore to demand answers, so I implore my flist Veronica Mars watchers to answer me this...

Why does everyone think Lamb was an abused child? I didn't get that at all from his little speech. I got something completely different.


I am seriously considering creating a Firefly/Serenity RPG. Does anyone have any great sites to steer me to?

I'm not sure if I'll be doing D20 or D6, and I realize this might be the wrong crowd, since I haven't seen too many D&D nerds in my flist, but I need some gorram help, dammit!

Also, I need a name, since Serenity and Firefly are ship specific, and this should be playable by the whole 'verse of ragtag scavenging crews. For right now, the working title is Shiny.

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Wow. This place does go dark when a Harry Potter book comes out. Well, I'm still waiting on JHeaton's picture that is so awesome it will break the internet in half.

My suddenly interesting life

Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I read my flist almost every day, and I'm so interested in what y'all are doing (even though I hardly ever comment) - actually - drea - I spend hours thinking up what I'd like to say in response to some of your thought-provoking entries, and then I never actually say them. Stupid me! But please keep writing all about your theories and social work issues, because I love, love, love reading those posts.

But, oh! I'm getting a house! Technically, my parents are buying the house, but they have no plans to ever live there, and I will cover the mortgage with rent. It's mine! All mine! (And the roommate I'll have to get to cover the mortgage.)

It has 5 bedrooms! 5!!! I have no idea why I want a 5 bedroom house, but I think it's genetic. Also? built in 1905. It's a somewhat Victorian. It's in Roanoke. If y'all know anyone who wants to get married and have lots of babies, and knows how to fix any plumbing problems that might crop up, please direct him my way. I have a nest now. All of a sudden I need a husband and, well, let's say 4 kids. 4 sounds about right.

And I'm getting ahead of myself, because we are putting down the earnest money today, and then we'll do a home inspection, and then we'll put an offer on the house, then closing will probably take about a month, so really? I don't need the husband for at least two months. So hold off on looking, please.

My monthly exclamation point limit has been overridden.

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Like so many of you, I, too got a speeding ticket this week. In a "Highway Safety Corridor" code word for we can't support this city based on property taxes in this lousy recessed economy, so we will get the fools on the highway to cough up $500 everytime we pull them over.

I am a Highway Fool.

But I'm going to court to plead poverty. It's either rent or ticket, so I hope the judge is kind to me.

I was only going 77! (in a 65) That's nothing! I was passing someone, going down a hill on a clear day with the speed trap on the bottom of the hill. C'Mon! That's entrapment!

I haven't had a ticket since 1993. And that's when I first learned to drive and I was an idiot. I got that ticket for going 88 in a 55. But the nice police officer wrote it for 64 so I wouldn't get my license taken from me. I used to go 125 on my way to Vegas just to see if the little arrow would go all the way to the end of my speedometer. Getting pulled over for 77?! 77?! That's nothing!

And I don't even speed anymore. (Except on a downhill in the passing lane for a few minutes obviously.) Stupid fricking-fracking Highway Safety Corridor. (It is a made-up name, there's no construction or anything, it really is just a way to extort money from semi-law-abiding citizens.)

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So, here I am with an update on me, but I have too much to say, so...

New job.

My old job at the call center for Echostar satellite systems was making me too angry. I was literally (literally, yo!) in a constant state of rage. My soul was a seething miasma of narrowed eyes and clenched fists.

Two things good about the job - I learned how to make collages at my desk with all my magazines I smuggled in (yes, smuggled - we were not allowed to bring in magazines.) The cutting and taping were soothing. lots of Hobbitses - I particularly liked my "Help! Help! I'm being repressed" sign. Even though I mispelled repressed. (And possibly just mispelled mispelled.) Unfortunately, one day all of my homemade signs were taken down while I was gone. We were not allowed to decorate our cubicles. I, however, am a girl of can-do attitude (well, between the hours of 12-4 if I've had a nice lunch and a short nap and the ability to watch The O.C. unimpeded) so I chose a different cubicle far away from the hated Desk Nazi supervisor and rearranged my environs to my magazine headed liking. Now I just got to go sign up for a Fox collage so I can see how the expert does them.

Also - JHeaton? - your brother never called. What's up with that?

The final straw came when - after 22 weeks of forced overtime on our days off - they threw a party to show appreciation for us. Well, my particular team is one of the last to eat at night, so of course, by the time we got there, they were already putting everything away. So, you know, hamburgers. That had been cooked hours before and were sitting there all grey and lifeless in a little tin foil thingie on the table. (No sterno for those keeping track). So, because I had been stuck on a call, I was actually the last to arrive, and they had already put the cheese away. While I never came out and accused anyone of hiding cheese, I certainly implied it.

One of the supervisors threw a bag of chips at me (I think it was supposed to be to me, but with the cheese-hiding implications and the desultory way I was poking at the stack of old hamburger with a poking thing (possibly a fork) it could have been meant to take an eye out.

I almost got written up, which is what I was hoping for, because when they asked me how do I spell my name, I replied with the correct spelling and the comment that I hoped it would go all the way to the top! which I knew it wouldn't, because, yeah - someone was stealing cheese and the chips had a backstory because the rest of my team didn't get chips because they were "all out" before they got there, but really they were in a box ready to go to someone's home.

So, you see, I knew I had to get another job before another "cheese incident" caused me to have a mini-stroke. Don't mess with my cheese, y'all.

More updates later.

Thanks, Cal!


Since I never update...

I've been on and off a diet since September, but I'm mostly back on now. As of today, I've lost 32 pounds! Eeee! I'm so ecstatic. That's a large toddler.

Life is pretty good right now. Have a cat, a semi-decent job, and somewhat of a social life. Now all I need is to get my act together and clean my house so I'm not embarrassed when people drop by. Thanks to the greatness of Angelchicken, however, my kitchen floors are sparkling right now, as is my stove and fridge. Angel should be a motivational handbook writer.

I saw Clay last week up in DC. I called in sick, drove up, drove back - but it was worth it! I just LOVE CLAY AIKEN! Especially when he does the sacrilegious - like covering When Doves Cry. And when he grabs the back-up singer/dancer Angela, yanks her ass against him so he can reposition himself before he goes back to his family-friendly concert. Yeah - too late, Clay - we got video.

I bought some great red suede Converse tennis shoes at Nordstroms - and Stila make-up. Why hasn't anyone told me how great Stila is?

Tomatoey goodness...

I adore Kellygirl Surprise package in the mail! Thank you so much for the Demeter Tomato spray. I got it and did a Numfar dance of joy. (Seriously. I can't dance.)

So, my entire car smells like Tomato now, as does my cubicle.